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Our Company


In the ever-changing world of real estate, Multi Housing Advisors (MHA) consistently stands out as one of the most dynamic, professional and hands-on apartment brokerage companies in the Southeast. Over the last five years, the firm has produced an average of 55% annual sales growth and a total sales volume over $5.9 billion…with 70% of its business from recurring clients.

With offices located throughout the Southeast, MHA serves a host of local, regional and national clients. Over the past ten years, the firm has become known for its effective focused brokerage platform that has yielded an excellent transaction history, representing more than 140,000 units sold through nearly 850 individual transactions.

So what does a focused brokerage platform really mean? It's simple. MHA creates a valued relationship with its clients by providing local market category expertise that is backed by the resources of a strong regional firm with national and international investor access. Armed with the highest quality marketing materials available, the MHA team collaborates to access an active investor base -- linking opportunity with capital -- to complete the deal. MHA's "hot money" investor list assures greater timely access to investors who are looking for properties to acquire. And a founding philosophy of broker accountability ensures that throughout the process, MHA offers a 24/7-execution focus -- meaning that every deal feels like the most important deal.