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Our Services


So what can MHA do for me? That is exactly what a client should ask of us. At MHA, we know exactly what we can -- and will -- do for our clients. Our focused brokerage platform can be summed up by the acronym VALUE, and we live by this VALUE proposition each and every day, on each and every deal.

Here is how the VALUE platform helps guide our work:

From the very beginning of a relationship, our team is prepped and ready to perform. Our work ethic is unsurpassed and our clients know that we have as much at stake as they do in the success of every deal.

MHA was founded on the idea of creating a "Culture of One," where every individual can succeed at the highest levels of the industry, but only by keeping in mind that success comes from creating value for our clients. Our clients benefit from this decentralized and yet integrated approach, as it allows us to achieve greater success quickly and seamlessly.

In short, MHA often sees the VALUE where others see no opportunity at all, and we are skilled at converting this vision into reality. We make it happen because the MHA team is comprised of specialists rather than generalists. Our professional, coordinated team platform encourages each broker to showcase his or her core strengths, while being supported by the team every step of the way. With this expertise, confidence and support, we are able to specialize in unearthing the value in niche properties or markets. This experience, coupled with strong market knowledge creates higher value for our clients at every turn. We are focused on exceeding expectations.

We know what you need and demand from a brokerage firm. That's why we work to not only make every client feel like our only client, but to bring the best options to the table, and then quickly to the closing table. What can we do for you? That's easy -- Create VALUE…which we define as focused brokerage.